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Erin Thomas Career + Leadership Coaching helps motivated professionals find jobs and careers they love, just by being themselves. Through a unique process, she guides job seekers, career changers, or other professionals wanting more out of their jobs, to clarify what they do best and what is most important to them, create an inspiring career vision, craft an authentic and compelling professional brand, and develop a strategic job search action plan. She leads them tactically through networking, interviewing, and negotiating, which is especially important for closing the gender pay divide. Erin also uses a psychotherapeutic approach when helping her client’s eliminate their head trash, or inner saboteurs, that continue to hold them back. This, along with the clarity they reach, is the inflection point that leads her clients to results in the short- and long-term. After working with Erin, her clients land jobs and careers they love, increase their earnings, and advance professionally.

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